"Hellenic Academic Open E-Textbooks”-"Kallipos" Repository

"Hellenic Academic Open E-Textbooks”-"Kallipos" Repository
Submitted by Nikolaos Mitrou
Institution: National Technical University of Athens HEAL-Link
Athens, Greece
The "Kallipos" Repository gathers books, handbooks, and learning objects, which were either produced within the framework of the Action "Hellenic Academic Open E-Textbooks”-"Kallipos" or submitted in the course of a call for Open Access scientific content. The Repository provides its users the following services: Open access to e-textbooks for higher education courses in Greece- Full-text search and retrieval of content - Scientific materials organized into learning objects (e-textbooks, book chapters, pictures, audio excerpts, video, maps, tables, interactive objects etc) - Long-term preservation and permanent availability of the educational material.