Get ready, get set, become a digital online learner

Get ready, get set, become a digital online learner
Submitted by Julie Lindsay
Institution: Charles Sturt University
New South Wales, Australia
This free and open online course was designed and created by the Open Pathways team at Charles Sturt University. It aims to support the learner, anywhere at anytime to explore what it means to learn online. Participants will develop the skills, habits and attitudes required to make online learning a success in order to confidently embrace taking an online subject - even an entire online degree! The course is purposefully generic - in other words it is not focused on a particular learning platform or one way of doing something online. It will introduce learners to a variety of tools for a multitude of academic purposes while exploring a range of mobile and digital technologies. Once basic material and understandings are covered the modules go deeper into different online learning experiences. Participants will choose tools to support individual learning objectives through hands on activities and realize the potential of online learning as a bridge to successful study. Satisfactory completion of this course (4 modules, about 40 hours) is by evidence-based output as participants work through the modules and show competency with the associated tasks. Each student is responsible for collecting evidence of how they applied different actions online while completing each task. This includes connecting, communicating, creating and collaborating where possible with others in the course or beyond. Evidence is collected onto an individual ‘Online Learning Scrapbook’, which is similar to a personal portfolio. More details on the course landing page.