Europeana for Education and Learning: Policy Recommendations

Europeana for Education and Learning: Policy Recommendations
Submitted by Nicole McNeilly
Institution: Europeana Foundation
Den Haag, Netherlands

In 2015, a consortium of policy makers and experts from 21 countries led by Europeana released a set of recommendations to encourage better use of digital cultural heritage content in education and learning. They were created under the Italian (2014) and Latvian (2015) EU Presidencies. The recommendations are to:

1. Set up a Europe-wide structured dialogue between policymakers, cultural heritage institutions and educators to improve access and reduce duplication of effort

2. Prioritize the provision of ‘Fit for Education and Learning’ content by cultural institutions and ministries

3. Emphasize the development of inclusive and accessible digital learning resources

4. Promote open licences and improve access and re-use conditions that underpin education and learning

These recommendations aim to raise awareness of the availability of digital resources through Europeana and show their clear benefits for education and learners in Europe. They also provide information about proper use of the material and encourage the development and sharing of digital learning resources.