Energy, Society and Open Education

Energy, Society and Open Education
Submitted by Mojca Drevensek
Institution: EN-LITE Society for strengthening energy literacy
Mozirje, Slovenia
Energy, Society and Open Education is an interactive motivational presentation to join the global energy literacy movement. It was be published on Wednesday, 4th March 2020, as part of the Open Education Week 2020. The presentation consists of three main sections: 1. it defines the concept of energy literacy and the benefits of being energy literate 2. it looks at what has been done so far to strengthen energy literacy through open educational activities (related to the a. Open Education for a Better World / OE4BW global mentoring program and b. the 2019 Open Education Policy Forum in Warsaw). 3. it presents the future plans and ambitions of the part of the open education community interested in strengthening energy literacy and supporting the achievement of the UN SDG No. 7 (Affordable and Clean Energy). The interactive presentation features text slides, graphics, audio narration and video.