Frequently Asked Questions

Q. For an online event, do I need to provide a platform of my own? Or is there a webinar platform we are supposed to use?
A. It’s up to you to use any platform of your choice. If you don’t have access to a webinar tool, you can use our tool depending on availability. 

Q.  Do I need to offer my event in English?
A. By all means, please go ahead and host an event in your language. We would love to see Open Education reach people in more languages and cultures.    

Q.    Unfortunately, my institution can only host an event a week after the Open Education Week. Is there any ways we can still participate in the Week?
A.    Of course! You can still participate in the Open Education Week. Go ahead and submit the event. If your event falls shortly before or after the week of March 7th, we will still have that featured on the website to promote the event together.

Q. How do I get an Open Education Week badge?
A. Once your event or resource is approved to be featured on the Open Education Week website, we will send you a badge to put on your website.

Q. I would love to host an event at our institution. But we don’t have any open education expert to facilitate the session. Can someone help us? 

A. What would be really good is to have a local get-together or a roundtable scheduled around an Open Education Week event. If you browse through the events page, you will see that there are many experts giving talks and tips on open education. Watch the session together and have a discussion. We've had many organize events in this manner in past years. If you have any questions afterwards, you can always tweet the question or email us.