Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why it’s important to participate in the Open Education Week?

A. Open Education Week give us an annual opportunity to show the world what’s happening with Open Education. It’s a great time to involve your colleagues, students, policy makers and friends in open education activities and events. With attention focused on open education all around the globe, people gather to share their own experiences with 'openness'.  Submit your events and resources and let the world see the ways you’re making a difference. Join us throughout the week and meet the wonderful community behind the open education movement.

Q. I would love to host an event at our institution. But we don’t have any open education expert to facilitate the session. Can someone help us?

A. One of the great aspects of open education is the sense of community and collaboration.  Browse the calendar of events to see if a local event is being hosted in a nearby institution and reach out to them.

Additionally, you can schedule a local session around some of the webinars being hosted throughout the week.  Organize a group and watch the webinar(s) together; participate actively in the webinar with comments and questions. Reserve time to have your own discussion afterwards, reflecting how things apply to your own institution. Practice makes experts, you’ll be soon hosting your own events!

Q.  Do I need to offer my event or resource in English?

A. No. By all means, please go ahead and host an event or submit your resources in your language. We love to see Open Education reaching a variety of languages and cultures.    

Q. For an online event, do I need to provide a platform of my own? Or is there a webinar platform we are supposed to use?

A. It’s up to you to use any platform of your choice. If you don’t have access to a webinar tool, you may use our tool based upon availability. Please contact us at and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Q. My institution will be hosting an event outside the dates of Open Education Week. Is there any way we can still participate?

A. Of course! You can still participate. Go ahead and submit your event. All events, even those being hosted outside the “official” week, are featured and promoted on the OEW website.

Q. I have a free resource.  Can it be featured on the Open Education Week website?

A. Only openly licensed resources are featured on the OEW website.  Please be sure that your free resource has a clear open license and we'll be more than happy to feature it on the website.

Q. What is a CC License and why is it required for Open Education Week?   

A. A CC License is a free, easy-to-use copyright licenses provide a simple, standardized way to give your permission to share and use your work.  There are various license features and license types to select from.  

OEC advocates for the CC-BY license when creating educational resources.  We believe that the most appropriate license for open educational materials is the Creative Commons Attribution International (CC BY) license.  The CC-BY allows for copy, redistribution, remix of the material in any medium or format for any purpose.

You can also use the CC remix chart to understand how different CC-licensed content can be remixed.

Q. How do I get an Open Education Week badge?

A. Once your event or resource is approved to be featured on the Open Education Week website, we will send you a badge to put on your website.  If you missed the email you can always download it from the promo materials folder on the website.

Q. I’m not sure how to promote my event.  Will you be doing the promotion?

A. Your event will be featured on the Open Education Week Events Calendar and included in our social media communications.  Generate more excitement by promoting your event through your local networks and local media. Please use the hashtag #OEWeek on social media so we can find it and amplify your messages.

Q.  Do you have any promotional materials I can use?

A.  Yes, we do!  Download Open Education Week logos, web banners, posters, slide presentation templates, and more at OEW Promotional Materials. You’re welcome to customize these materials to fit your needs - they’re openly licensed, too!

Q.  I didn’t contribute an event or resource but still want to be part of the Open Education Week.  What can I do?

A.  All contributions to the Open Education Week are certainly welcome but they are not a requirement to part of the event.    Here are some ideas on how to participate:

  • Display the Open Education Week banner on your website or blog

  • Post or retweet tweets using #OEWeek

  • Follow @OEWeek on Twitter

  • Write an opinion piece for the editorial page of your local newspaper or your favorite websites

  • Contact community education or on-campus groups and offer to help them organize an event

  • Write blog posts on Open Education Week (email us at and we’ll post a link on the website)

  • Customize the Open Education Week poster and hang them up

  • Send an email to your colleagues and friends to let them know about all the events and information available at

Q.  How can I make changes or update my submission?

A.  On the confirmation email of your submission you were provided with a link to change, update or complete your submission.  If you are unable to find the email with the link, please contact us at and we'll be happy to resend it to you.  Please note that multiple submissions using the same email address use the same link. ​