How to Participate

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Institutions, organizations and individuals from around the world committed to the ideals of Open Education are welcome to join, engage and contribute to Open Education Week. Participation is free and open to all.

Ways to Contribute

There are many ways to participate in Open Education Week, you may: 1) host your own activity or event, 2) share your favorite open assets, 3) engage in conversation with fellow participants on OEG Connect, 4) attend one or more of the activities being organized by others, 5) help promote #OEWeek in your community and social networks.

Find below some suggestions on how to be part of the Open Education Week but please feel free to create and share your own ideas. We welcome all types of contributions that will help us highlight the diverse and dynamic world of Open Education.

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Anytime activities

We encourage contributions that extend beyond webinars and online live presentations. Try something different and creative that promotes collaboration and networking participation during the week, such as:

  • Identify a problem or challenge that the global peer community could help in solving and start a conversation around it
  • Share your favorite playlist of open podcasts and presentations
  • Start a Pen Pal program and write postcards to students in other areas of the world
  • Remix an activity around your preferred topic and share it out to the world
  • Lead a collaborative creative writing project on a trending topic
  • Submit media to Wikimedia Commons
  • Create a social media challenge to build awareness around a particular topic

Don't forget you may use OE Global Connect to build and support your asynchronous activities.

Live events

Consider hosting one or more of the following real-time activities and have them featured on the OE Week schedule.

  • Online discussion / live chat

  • Webinar

  • Live recordings / drop-ins

  • Online Trivia

  • Hackathon

  • Activity-a-thon

  • Workshop

Browse the Archive of Events and Activities and get inspired by the contributions of others in previous OE Week editions. 

Open Assets

Add to the OE Week Library by sharing and highlighting your favorite open assets.  These may be: OER, open courses, open textbook, open tools, research, open practices, open projects/initiatives. 

Open assets are what open education initiatives produce and use, tangible goods with educational purpose and value. Open assets are produced, curated, and distributed in ways that make them freely accessible, usable, and improvable by others. 

OE Global Connect

Visit the OE Week space in OE Global Connect to engage with fellow participants during the week.  You may share and discuss the highlights of activities you are participating in and even create and lead your own conversations on topics of your interest. 

Attend & participate

Everyone is welcome! Join, participate and engage in any of the Open Education Week activities. Participation is free and open to all. 


Contribute by helping us get the word out about Open Education Week in your local networks and local media. Use the hashtag #OEWeek in social media so we can find and amplify your messages.

Submission form will remain open. You are welcome to submit multiple contributions by filling out a form for each one of them.

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