Call for Participation

Open Education Week is a celebration of the Global Open Education Movement. Its purpose is to raise awareness about the movement and its impact on teaching and learning worldwide. Participation in all events and use of all resources is free and open to everyone. Open education encompasses resources, tools and practices that employ a framework of open sharing to improve educational access and effectiveness worldwide.

The Open Education Week Planning Committee invites you to contribute and participate in the seventh edition of the Open Education Week to be help on March 5-9, 2018.  

Why Participate?

Open Education Week give us an annual opportunity to show the world what’s happening with Open Education. It’s a great time to involve your colleagues, students, policy makers and friends in open education activities and events. With attention focused on open education all around the globe, people gather to share their own experiences with 'openness'.  Submit your events and resources and let the world see the ways you’re making a difference.  Join us throughout the week and meet the wonderful community behind the open education movement.

How to Contribute?

There are many ways you can contribute to the Open Education Week.  


Consider hosting one or more the following events and have it featured on the Open Education Week Calendar:

Local Events:

  • Workshop: Hold a workshop for the general public or a specific audience, such as faculty members or students, on how to use open materials, understanding open licenses, how to modify materials for classroom use, how to create OER, etc.

  • Mini-conference/forum on open education: Invite local professors who use or contribute OER, open access journal articles or other open practices. Link up with other institutions for a live chat or debate.

Online Events:

  • Webinars: Offer a webinar open to the world during Open Education Week. The topic can be on anything related to open education: tools, resources, impacts, practices, case studies, debates, etc. You can also stream your local event, or simulcast lectures or talks.

  • Online discussions: Feature a live chat, discussion forum or global conversation around related topics, trends, challenges or issues via an interactive online platform.  Discussions  can be synchronous and moderated or open and asynchronous.  The idea is to create a space for dialog.

Involve one, two, many or all aspects of open. Organize an event with organizations related to “open” in your region. Consider open licensing, open culture, open access, open governance, open data, open source software, etc. in the design of your event. Do you have something new to offer?



The Open Education Week website will direct visitors to resources that provide tools and supporting materials to enhance open educational practices. You are welcome to submit resources in any language and format.  Please be sure that the resources you are sharing are openly licensed with at least permission to re-use and modify (such as CC-BY or CC-BY-SA).

Informational resources can be documents, repositories, research materials, newsletters, slide presentations, links or blogs. If you have created or are aware of resources that would be helpful for developing or maintaining open education projects and practices, please share them using the OEW Submission Form. These are some topics you may consider:

  • Why open education?

  • Open licensing and attributing works

  • How to develop policies that support openness in education

  • Open assessment of learning

  • Increased efficiency and decreased cost through open educational practices

  • Tools for finding and using OER

  • Impacts of open education on learners and educators (research and studies)

  • How to use OSS to create OER

  • Case studies of open education in action

We also welcome videos featuring open education projects, presenting short messages about open education and open practices, or providing how-to tutorials on aspects of open education. Some suggested topics include:

  • The benefits of  open educational resources (OER)

  • Finding and using OER

  • Creating accessible OER

  • Fostering open policies

  • Understanding open licenses

  • Encouraging adoption of OER

  • Open Source Software (OSS) tools for OER

  • Open education practices: open teaching, open assessment, open pedagogy

Please upload your video to your preferred platform, such as Vimeo or YouTube and send us the URL using the OEW Submission Form and be sure it is openly licensed with at least permission to re-use and modify (such as CC-BY or CC-BY-SA).

 To ensure your contribution is featured during Open Education Week, please complete the OEW Submission Form no later than February 25th, 2018. You are welcome to submit multiple resources or events. Please fill out one form for each contribution.  



Help us get the word out about open education! Here are some ideas for promotional activities:


Promoting your event

Your event can be featured on the Open Education Week Events Calendar by filling out the OEW Submission Form. Generate more excitement by promoting your event through your local networks and local media. Please use the hashtag #OEWeek on social media so we can find and amplify your messages.

Promoting Open Education Week

You are not hosting an event?  No problem.  Here are some additional ideas on how to participate helping us promote Open Education Week:

  • Display the Open Education Week banner on your website or blog

  • Post or retweet tweets using #OEWeek

  • Follow @OEWeek on Twitter

  • Write an opinion piece for the editorial page of your local newspaper or your favorite websites

  • Contact community education or on-campus groups and offer to help them organize an event

  • Write blog posts on Open Education Week (email us at and we’ll post a link on the website)

  • Customize the Open Education Week poster and hang them up

  • Send an email to your colleagues and friends to let them know about all the events and information available at

Download Open Education Week logos, web banners, posters, slide presentation templates, and more at OEW Promotional Materials. You’re welcome to customize these materials to fit your needs - they’re openly licensed, too!


More information

You can find more information, ideas and answers to FAQs at If you don't find what you need please contact us at we'll be happy to assist you.
Open Education Week is coordinated by The Open Education Consortium.