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Open-Inspired Mid-day Yoga

Open-Inspired Mid-day Yoga
March 4, 2021 - 7:00 pm
Submitted by Krysta McNutt
Facilitated by Anita Parker, Educational Developer, Centre for Teaching and Learning
Institution: University of Alberta
Edmonton, AB, Canada
Our current at-home working conditions have us sitting more and moving less. This prolonged time in a seated position negatively impacts musculoskeletal and cardiovascular body systems, as well as our emotional wellbeing. Fortunately, small amounts of low-intensity activity can make a big difference. Join Anita Parker (educational developer by day, yoga teacher by evening and weekend) for a yoga-inspired midday session. We’ll target muscles of the hips, core, and back with a lengthening and strengthening sequence you can do anywhere, anytime. No experience required. Dress comfortably.

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