Event - Online

European Network for Open Education

European Network for Open Education
March 2, 2021 - 3:30 pm
Submitted by Dóra Katona
Institution: European Distance and E-learning Network
Milton Keynes, United Kingdom
The European Network for Catalysing Open Resources in Education is a new initiative started by more than 10 organisations from higher education and business. During the next 3 years, the initiative aims at creating 4 strong European networks which will consolidate a new vision and understanding of how OER and Open education can foster innovation in higher education and business. Within 4 communities positions and visions will be elaborated: - How can a new vision for a EU ecosystem of OER repositories look like? - What are effective Open Education policies and practices for business and for higher ed? - How is an effective quality model looking like for OER? - How is Open Education stimulating innovation in business and higher ed? We invite you to take part in an initial event in which the founders of the initiative take up the thread and invite to become part of what will be Europe’s OER initiative towards 2030.

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