Creativity in the Making

Creativity in the Making

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Submitted by
Norman Jackson
Facilitated by
Norman Jackson & John Rae
Creative Academic
2018-03-06 09:00 am
Surrey, United Kingdom

An open learning process involving conversation, inquiry and the sharing of practices on the #creativeHE Google+ Community Forum

Creative Academic is exploring the idea of creativity in practice. In this #creativeHE conversation we are inviting participants to make artefacts in response to any life context or situation, document and reflect on their making process, and how creativity featured in it.

The process will begin on March 6th and finish on March 20th.

1. An introductory conversation over three days will allow for a platform to be built (or made) by drawing on some relevant literature and by considering illustrations.

2. A middle period of seven days will allow for our actual making (as individuals or in groups), as well as personal reflection on the process of making.

3. The final ‘synthesis and reflection period’ of about 4 days will provide an opportunity for each person or group to present or exhibit their artefact and share their reflections about how ideas, feelings and meanings emerged and actions were shaped through making. As part of this synthesis participants will be invited to make and share a map, of their own thinking and making process and how their creativity featured in the process. The map can be in any style or format and it is a mediating artefact to help explain your own process.

After the conversation we will curate the narratives and artefacts that have been shared through Creative Academic Magazine published under a creative commons licence

We hope that this approach will surface some interesting ecological (connections, relationships and interactions) perspectives on creativity in practice.