Call for Participation

Open Education Week is a celebration of the global Open Education Movement. Its purpose is to raise awareness about the movement and its impact on teaching and learning worldwide. Participation in all events and use of all resources are free and open to everyone.

The Open Education Week Organizing Committee invites your contributions to and participation in the third annual Open Education Week, featuring online and in-person events around the world.

Ways to Contribute:

There are many ways you can contribute to Open Education Week: upload an informational or inspirational video, host an event in your community, send us links to resources about open education, hold a webinar, and promote open education week in your social media networks. To contribute a video or resource, or to have your event or webinar featured on the Open Education Week Events calendar, please use the submission form at To get the website ready, we need your submissions by 28 February 2014. You are welcome to submit multiple resources or events.

Please fill out one form for each contribution.



The Open Education Week website will feature short videos (2-5 minutes in length) showcasing open education projects, featuring short messages about open education, or providing how-to tutorials on aspects of open education. A third category is being added this year for longer, inspirational talks, panels or interviews on open education. We welcome videos that are specially made for Open Education Week, as well as those already available that fit the following categories:

Project showcases:

Submit a pre-recorded video of the open education project(s) your organization is working on, and let the world know about them.

Open Education messages:

These short videos will convey the importance of open education to institutions, organizations, learners, governments, etc. Do you know a policy maker, administrator, faculty member or enthusiastic learner who can deliver a powerful message by video? Submit it to be shared with the world.

How-to videos:

Would you like to share your expertise in open education to newcomers? Can your organization create short videos that highlight best practices and policies in open education? Increase the impact of these videos by sharing them with the global community on the open education week site. Topics of particular interest include:

  • The benefits of OER usage
  • Finding and using OER
  • Creating accessible OER
  • Fostering open policies
  • Understanding open licenses

Inspirational talks:

Have you given or heard a talk about open education that was stimulating, motivating or highly informative? We invite you to share inspirational videos of any length such as interviews, keynote speeches, panel discussions, etc. on the topic of open education.

Please upload your video to your preferred platform, such as Vimeo or YouTube, make sure it’s openly licensed, and send us the URL link.


The Open Education Week website will direct visitors to a number of resources in several different languages. We would like to provide readers with OER/OCW tools and supporting materials that could enhance their open practices.

Informational resources can be presented as documents, repositories, research materials, newsletters, links or blogs. If you have created or are aware of valuable resources, please share them here. We are particularly interested in the following topics:

Why open education?
  • Basics of Open Licensing
  • Basics of Open Policy
  • Open Assessment of learning
  • Educational Cost Reduction through open education
  • Tools for Finding and Using OER
  • Impacts of open education on learners and educators

Events and webinars

What kind of event can you host?

  • Workshop: Hold a workshop for the general public, or a specific audience such as faculty members or students on how to use open materials, understanding open licenses, how to modify materials for classroom use, how to create OER, etc.
  • Mini-conference/forum on open education: Invite local professors who use or contribute open educational resources, open access journal articles and other open practices. Link up with other institutions for a live chat or debate.
  • Involve all aspects of open: Organize an event with organizations related to “open” in your region: open licensing, open culture, open access, open governance, etc.

Webinars: Offer a webinar open to the world during open education week. You can also stream your local event, or simulcast lectures or talks.

Promoting the event:

Your event can be featured on the Open Education Week events calendar by filling out the form here. Please also promote your event through your local networks and local media. Please use hashtag #openeducationwk on social media for greater exposure and engagement. Web banners, posters and promotional materials can be downloaded on the Open Education Week website Feel free to customize these materials.

Online discussions

Open Education Week will feature discussion forums on topics of interest via an interactive area on the website. If you would like to host a discussion forum on a particular topic or to form a specific group, please contact us at

More information

You can find more information, ideas, FAQ on open education and the submission form for contributions at More questions? Contact us at